Car Beauty Garage 9H Crystal Coating

RM5,000.00 RM4,500.00



Car Beauty Garage is a auto mobile shop specialized in car detailing and especially car coating.
With the amount of lamps installed in the shop, identifying the finest detail during any service including car polishing, car waxing, and of course, car coating definitely will not be a problem at all.
With the experience and facilities available here, we can assure you that this will be your favorite car beauty center once you have visited us!

So what kind of service you can get here?
Basically all sorts of car detailing services as below:
⭕ Camui Gold Class Car Crystality Coating
⭕ Car Beauty Garage 9H Hardness Coating
⭕ Polish & Wax Coating
⭕ Head Lamp Restoration
To have a look of the above listed services, you just need to click the link for more information!
Not only for cars, super bikes are welcome too!


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